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Who's Listed in the Phonebook:

  • Actively enrolled students*
  • UA classified staff, appointed personnel, and faculty with an active UA employment status
  • UA retirees
  • Prehire, affiliate and associate designated campus colleagues (DCC's)

Not all students are listed in the Phonebook. Any student can request that their information be withheld. Contact the UA Registrar for more information:


Employee and Designated Campus Colleague (DCC) Information

All active and retired UA employees are listed in the online phonebook. Directory information for every UA employee is considered public information and can not be removed from the phonebook under normal circumstances.


All active and retired faculty, appointed personnel and classified staff employees are listed in the online phonebook.  Directory information for UA employees is considered public information and under normal circumstances cannot be removed from the phonebook.

Designated Campus Colleagues

Affiliates, associates and prehires with an active UA relationship are listed in the online phonebook.

Student Employees

Employee information is not displayed in the phonebook for student workers or graduate assistants/associates.

Update Employee & DCC Information

The information provided within the UA Phonebook comes from several different sources. How to update the information depends on what type of information you need to update.

Employees can make changes to their personal information such as preferred name, home and mailing addresses and phone numbers by visiting  (requires NetID).

Your office address must be updated by contacting the HR or Business Manager within your department for assistance with updating your information.

The following fields may not be changed by the employee.  

  • Type
  • Department
  • Title


Student Information


The phonebook directory contains information on students who are currently enrolled at the University of Arizona. Each term that the student is actively enrolled in is listed along with their class standing and major.

The release of student information is protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) - Compliance Manual. Students may choose not to display their student information in the Online Phonebook. 

The student information displayed within the UA Online Phonebook includes the information listed below. 

  • Name
  • Type
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • For current and future terms of enrollment:
  • College
  • Classification
  • Degree and Major

Update Student Information

Students must use UAccess to change the information displayed within the Online Phonebook.

Students can change their name that displays within the Phonebook through the Registrar's Office. See Change Directory/Personal Information

Remove Student Information

Students may elect to have their personal student information removed from the UA Phonebook using UAccess. The Personal Information section of UAccess provides a Privacy Restriction form for restricting the release of your personal information. Information will be removed from the online directory within two business days.

Appropriate Use of Phonebook Information

The UA Online Phonebook is intended to be a tool to search for university personnel.
It is inappropriate to use the phonebook for: 

  • sending unwanted or harassing email messages or spamming
  • authenticating or authorizing users
  • as a verification of UA employment

Additional Help:

Call the UA Switchboard for assistance: (520) 621-2211
I need to update my personal information in the phonebook
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