Neurosurgery, Department of Surgery

Neurosurgery, Department of Surgery

The Division of Neurosurgery at the University of Arizona Department of Surgery and BUMC-Tucson treats the full range of surgical diseases that affect the central and peripheral nervous systems and conditions affecting the skull, brain, spinal cord, spine, and peripheral nerves.

Expertise & Collaboration: Our team includes experts in all major and specialty areas of neurosurgery. Also, through collaboration with other disciplines, we leverage the extensive strengths of the University of Arizona to offer the highest level of comprehensive care.

Advancing the Field: Our neurosurgeons employ the most advanced surgical tools, from intra-operative, frameless image-guidance to minimally invasive spinal or skull base equipment. We partner with industry leaders to ensure that we have access to and even influence the next generation of surgical technology.

In addition to providing the highest level of neurosurgical care, we advance neurosurgery knowledge and practice through research and innovation. At the same time, we ensure the future of the neurosurgical arts and health in Arizona through education.

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Arizona Health Sciences Center

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1501 N. Campbell Ave
Tucson, AZ 85724-5070
United States

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PO Box 245070
Tucson, AZ 85724-5070
United States


(520) 626-8313

Associated Units


G. Michael Lemole, Jr., MD
Professor and Chief
201/Room 4303

Administrative Contact

Rose Morales
201/Room 4303


Neurosurgery Residency Program
Julie Schippers
Program Coordinator
201/Room 4303