Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences (HAS)

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Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences (HAS)

Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences’ vision is to lead the world in integrated and quantitative hydrologic and atmospheric sciences and to develop the knowledge needed to solve the water, hydrogeologic, weather, and climate related problems in the world.  Our mission is to build an integrated program that considers the fate and transport of water, energy, and chemical constituents throughout the atmosphere and geosphere.  We will achieve this by eliminating disciplinary boundaries between the hydrologic and atmospheric sciences, leading to new approaches to characterize, monitor, and model the hydrosphere; and, building a highly cross-disciplinary curriculum and collaborative research program extending from undergraduate students through senior faculty.


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1133 East James E. Rogers Way
Room 122
Tucson, AZ 85721
United States

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PO Box 210011
Tucson, AZ 85721
United States

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Thomas Meixner
Department Head
Harshbarger Building – Rm. 122

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Erma Santander
Executive Assistant
Harshbarger Building – Rm. 122

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Kathy Varin
Business Manager, Senior
Harshbarger Building – Rm. 122