Employee Information

All active and retired UA employees are listed in the online phonebook. Directory information for every UA employee is considered public information and can not be removed from the phonebook under normal circumstances.

Updating Personal Information
Employees and DCCs are able to update personal information such as home and mailing addresses and phone numbers by selecting the Self Service>Personal Information option in UAccess Employee (NetID required).

Updating Job and Title Information
Job and Title information may not be changed by employees.  Employee category, department, title and campus address change requests are limited to department, college or division business representatives and are submitted through UAccess Employee - Manager Self Service (MSS).

Adding or Changing Preferred Name
Employees and DCCs are able to add or change the name appearing in the UA electronic phonebook to reflect either a nickname or professional name based on the individual’s personal preference.  The preferred name may be updated in UAccess Employee by selecting the Self Service>Personal Information>Preferred Name option.