College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

In the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, faculty and students study people and their interactions with each other and the world, searching for answers to some of the biggest questions facing humanity, from climate change to international affairs to what it means to be human in the 21st century. The college offers a wide variety of programs in which students learn about the histories, cultures, interactions, beliefs, stories, and impacts of people around the world, past and present.

The College of SBS prepares students to succeed in an increasingly interconnected world by teaching social and emotional intelligence, an appreciation of cultural and interpersonal differences, the analytical skills to critically assess decisions, and an understanding of societal contexts and environments.

As one of the largest colleges on the University of Arizona campus, SBS serves approximately 6,400 undergraduate students through more than 30 degree programs, which include popular majors such as criminal justice, political science, communication, law, and journalism. In addition, 1,100 graduate and professional students are enrolled in SBS schools and departments.

Dean: Lori Poloni-Staudinger


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