College of Engineering

The College of Engineering was founded when the University of Arizona was established in 1885. For more than 125 years, UA College of Engineering alumni have explored, shaped and made habitable the world, indeed the universe, in which we live.

Today, graduates of the College are entrepreneurs who develop high-tech companies, create jobs, and improve our quality of life. An engineering education provides the research to build new industries and the knowledge for those who run them.

Engineers help people, and engineering programs at the UA College of Engineering have enormous breadth and far-reaching social consequences. Among many other things, students and faculty design new retinas for damaged eyes, affordable water purification systems for third world countries stricken by drought, environmentally sustainable manufacturing methods, hybrid cars and solar energy systems, bio-sensors that detect and keep people out of life-threatening danger, optical imaging systems for cancer detection, data collection and decision support systems for the military, and buildings that can withstand earthquakes and other major events.

Dean: David W. Hahn

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