College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

Founded in 1889, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences' acclaimed teaching, research and Cooperative Extension programs strive to ensure the resilience and health of people, environments and economies in Arizona and around the globe. CALS prepares students for success in a wide range of careers in agricultural and environmental sciences, biosystems engineering, retailing, family studies, comparative biomedical sciences and more. Our world-renowned faculty engage in research and partner with industry and communities to develop new knowledge and new technologies to benefit society.

The various curricula offer professional preparation for careers in agribusiness, government, public service agencies, retail and service industries, human health institutions, the food service and processing industry, financial institutions, youth development agencies, conservation and environmental organizations, farming and ranching, research, extension, communication and education. As the primary land-grant component of the University, the College administers a variety of programs at its regional Agricultural Centers and engages in Cooperative Extension efforts with federal, state and county governments and agencies.

Dean: Shane Burgess, Ph.D.


The Arizona Agricultural Experiment Station is the research arm of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at the University of Arizona.

Research is conducted in the various departments and schools on campus, as well as at Agricultural Centers throughout the state. These efforts enhance agriculture, the environment, our natural resource base, family and youth well-being and the development of local communities. Research generated through the Experiment Station underlies and supports the academic and extension programs.

Cooperative Extension:

Cooperative Extension, the outreach arm of The University of Arizona, is "taking the university to the people." Extension serves as a statewide network of knowledgeable faculty and staff that provides lifelong educational programs for all Arizonans. We are part of a nationwide educational network of scientists and educators who help people solve problems and put knowledge to use. Arizona Cooperative Extension provides a link between the university and the citizens of this state.

Today's Cooperative Extension is many things to many people throughout Arizona. We teach in classes, seminars, and workshops; public presentations; with newspaper columns and stories; on radio; on the telephone; on the worldwide web; on video and through research-based publications. For over 80 years we have delivered educational programs to the people of Arizona.
We are unique because our teaching efforts are made possible by a cooperative effort between the Federal Government, the University of Arizona's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and each of the counties we serve. With offices in all 15 counties and on five tribal reservations, we bring knowledge to people every day to enhance their work and enrich their lives. We are your window to the University.

Six focus areas for interdisciplinary study:

  • Environment, Water, Land, Energy and Natural Resources
  • Children, Youth, Family and Community
  • Human Nutrition, Health and Food Safety
  • Consumers, Marketplace, Trade and Economics
  • Animal Systems
  • Plant Systems


College Features

  • Undergraduate and graduate degrees are awarded in a wide range of basic and social sciences.
  • Cooperative Extension offices are located in each county of the state.
  • There are 10 agricultural centers at 8 locations across the state.
  • For two years in a row, a national ranking index placed the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences first overall in faculty productivity in the agricultural sciences.


College Statistics

Undergraduate majors

  • Agribusiness Economics and Management
  • Agricultural Technology Management and Education
  • Animal Sciences
  • Biosystems Engineering
  • Crop Production
  • Environmental and Water Resource Economics
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Fashion Industry Science and Technology
  • Human Development and Family Science
  • Microbiology
  • Natural Resources
  • Nutritional Sciences
  • Personal and Family Financial Planning
  • Plant Sciences
  • Retailing and Consumer Science
  • Veterinary Science

Graduate programs

  • Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
  • Agricultural and Resource Economics
  • Agricultural Technology Management and Education
  • Animal Sciences
  • Arid Lands Resource Sciences
  • Entomology
  • Human Development and Family Science
  • Microbiology
    Natural Resources
    Nutritional Sciences
    Plant Pathology
    Plant Sciences
    Soil, Water and Environmental Science

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