Sonora Residence Hall


Arizona-Sonora Hall houses 496 residents on nine floors and the building is divided into two towers connected by the first floor lobby. The southwest-situated hall is conveniently located near the Park Student Union, Centennial Hall, University Boulevard and just a short walk to classroom buildings. A popular gathering area is a large, open recreation area located on the main floor, and includes compact kitchen, eating area, pool table, TVs, couches and a small fitness area. Each floor also has a study lounge. AZSO residents are often seen enjoying volleyball games just outside the front entrance on the sandy area.

Rooms in the Arizona Tower of “AZSO” are triple occupancy, and rooms in the Sonora Tower are double occupancy. (The rooms were originally designed to house four students.) Since the rent for triples is significantly lower than most other halls, you must indicate a “triple room” at Arizona-Sonora on your hall preferences when applying. All rooms are single-gender by floors.

Primary Address: 
910 E. 5th St
Tucson, AZ 85719
United States
Building Manager(s): 
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