Abdominal Transplant Surgery

Abdominal Transplant Surgery

The surgeons of the University of Arizona's College of Medicine have been helping patients in need of organ transplants for more than 40 years.
•Solid organ transplants, which include kidney, liver, pancreas, lung and heart transplants
•Bone marrow transplants, which treat devastating diseases like leukemia and lymphoma
•Composite tissue transplants, including hand transplants and face transplants, for patients who have suffered limb loss or extensive facial disfigurement

Our transplant surgeons and physicians have specific expertise in transplants in these areas:
•Diabetes mellitus, with a focus on pancreas and kidney transplants
•Multiple organ (multivisceral) transplants (e.g., pancreas-kidney, liver-kidney, heart-kidney)
•Desensitization protocols for patients with high antibody levels, positive crossmatches or ABO-incompatible grafts
•Transplants for hepatitis or for liver and bile duct cancer

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